Fiorini Packaging is the main sponsor of Zebre Rugby Club

For us, sport is the main engine for the personal growth of every person. Challenging, winning and losing teach us, every day, something important for ourselves and our relationship with others. That is why we support different teams, as long as they share our values. Which are more important than the results on the field.

Lately, however, there is a big game that many people keep losing: the one against violence against women. Whether physical, verbal or psychological, this is what it’s all about. Just a few days ago, outside a football stadium, the body of a woman who was doing her job was once again treated like an object.

This is why we immediately and enthusiastically support the initiative of the Zebre Rugby Club, the team of which we are the main sponsor. And we’re even more proud to be on the jersey of the only European team to wear this message: men against violence on women.

We can still win this game, all together.