New logo for Fiorini Packaging

Contemporary, minimalist, elegant and aimed at the B2B market. Fiorini presents the new logo that will accompany a very important phase of the company’s growth towards more and more internationalisation.

This is the reason for a logo that is linear and readable for everyone, anywhere in the world.

“Fiorini is changing its Visual Identity,” explains Giovanni Fiorini , President and CEO, “to continue to renew itself and to launch itself on new business objectives. We want to focus on a specific niche in the paper sack sector where we are already leaders and where we can bring great added value to important customers all over the world. Solidity, professionalism and recognisability, which the new logo fully sums up. Whoever is recognised is chosen, and our goal is to be increasingly among the favourites of our large target customers, who are now increasingly digital and international.”

The new payoff The Global leader in Ultrasonic Valve Sacks highlights how, while maintaining the variety of our production skills, “the company will focus on heat-sealing valve sacks in order to expand further into increasingly competitive markets: such as the chemical and food markets,” explains Massimo Celesti , General Manager. Completing the logo is a sub-payoff Family owned & operated since 1947 so as not to forget the history, reliability and energy of a family-owned business that besides Giovanni sees sisters Francesca and Stefania at the forefront. Familiar and managerial at the same time.

An Identity change that stems from the collaboration with the American Reis&Reis studio, led by one of the two creators of Brand Positioning, Al Reis, and the technical contribution of Martin Brando. The graphics have been lightened and, conceptually, the business areas in which Fiorini will be able to develop have been enlarged: among these is ‘Social’, a field in which Fiorini has a particular interest and where it has numerous sporting partnerships, including one in rugby with Zebre Parma, of which it is the Main Sponsor.

‘With a more essential and comprehensible brand,’ explains Giovanni Fiorini, ‘the perceived value on the shirts of the numerous teams with which we collaborate also increases. The old brand, which we are obviously very fond of, presented problems of legibility and was not immediate for everyone. Thanks also to the support for Zebre, which we have renewed for the second year in a row, we are going to South Africa, Wales, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Asia and South America where rugby is very popular. Just like in business, in sport we need a strong brand that is simple, decipherable and immediately clear to everyone. Like Zebre, we also aim for continuous innovation.”