Beyond the packaging, the contents

From 1947 until the present day we have become successful thanks to the evolution of production systems and technological developments, without ever abandoning the passion we had on the very first day. A passion for welfare and sustainable development, not simply financial, but also and above all for values that concern working practices, culture, safety, the environment and people.

It was 1947

Our job, what we do, which began far back in 1947, from a dream by Giambattista Fiorini, a visionary gentleman who during the difficult post-War years accepted the challenge of changing his own life scenario.


People – employees, suppliers, customers – are our most important capital. A capital comprising skills, experience, and emotions which need to be nurtured and strengthened every day.

Today Fiorini Packaging can boast 201 employees, 97% of whom, we are proud to say, have open-ended contracts. We are particularly keen on talent: 23% of our staff are under 40. Employee loyalty towards the company is extremely high: the average seniority is almost 20 years.

Years during which our people – because that’s how we prefer to call them – have grown together with the company. Investing in the development of our employees is a key factor for the development of the company itself: this is why in 2017 we dedicated over 1,000 hours to training.

Hours which were also invested in relationship soft skills. In order to guarantee maximum satisfaction to our customers, we rely on analytical methods which allow us to measure the relational dynamics between the company and its customers. By analysing the expectations and perceptions which the customer holds in relation to our company, we measure: Reliability, Relational skills, Reassurance skills, and Empathy. Our surveys show that our customers have ranked our skills at an average score of 6 out of 7.

Protecting the environment

The paper used to produce our sacks is sourced from controlled and certified forests. Our focus on the maximum reduction of waste paper is a vital objective for us, since the market requires complex multi-ply products where the use of paper resources is increasingly customised. Ever since the end of the ‘90s, we have chosen to use water-based inks, as well as a significantly reduced quantity of solvents and other dangerous substances. Furthermore, the glues we use are mainly organically-based, such as potato flour or maize starch. In this way we have attempted to keep to a minimum our use of chemical-based glues.


It is a virtuous circle: we pay maximum attention to our product to ensure that what it contains generates ideas, plans and ambitions.

We consider the social and environmental sustainability objectives to be the primary condition to achieve growth in the medium and long term. Plans aimed at creating a shared value, consistently with the strategies implemented as part of our industrial plan.

Certifications are not just frames you put up on the office walls, indeed they testify to the total compliance with the quality and process requirements that only absolute conformity with the strictest international standards can guarantee.  These requirements are vital for companies who are willing to put the acknowledgement and the satisfaction of their customers’ needs and the needs of the community first, in a concrete commitment to continuous improvement.

For Fiorini, certifications are first and foremost about the contents as well as about the pack.

To possess the ISO 9001 certification means being able to guarantee to the customer the ability to provide them regularly with products and services which satisfy their expected requirements and those applicable to their product.
A company which is ISO 9001:2015 certified is a company which is trustworthy, organised, audited and which always strives to satisfy the customer by improving itself and to make the quality of the product its primary objective.

To possess an environmental certification means formulating the company strategy by placing at the top of the agenda the care and respect of the environment, of the local landscape, and of environmental laws; by respecting through its own products and its own activities the highest standards of environmental sustainability.
The objective of the continual improvement of environmental services means that the Company:
– works and undertakes to reduce the impact of its activities on the landscape which surrounds it (reduction to the minimum possible level of utilisation of resources, of the production of waste, the reduction of atmospheric emissions, etc.)
– manufactures and designs products which are ever more eco-sustainable and with a low environmental impact.
Working with a company which is ISO 14001:2015 certified means having a partner which sees looking after the environment as conserving and protecting a source of wealth for future generations.
Working with this company means being able to count upon continual innovation, designed to avoid for its own customers, and consequently for their clients, every type of environmental problem.

To be certified in accordance with the standard BS OHSAS means always placing the highest priority on the health and safety of a company’s own workers.
It means being active in the market and manufacturing competitive products without abandoning the need to look after the company’s own workforce, thanks to safe and salubrious environments, by evaluating and managing the risks present in the company activity itself and by respecting the law.
To possess this certification means being able to communicate the fact that the company is not content just to have a safe workplace environment, but works proactively to protect the health and safety of its own workers by setting itself policies and targets for continual improvement.

The objective of an ISO 22000:2015 certified company is to be able to offer its own customers a guarantee of the food safety of its own products.
The certified company is able to demonstrate and guarantee the hygiene of the articles it produces and their suitability for contact with food in full respect of the standards and laws relating to this subject, at all levels and across all processes, guaranteeing the safety of the end consumer.

The certified company is one which has made food safety its workplace philosophy, as it has an awareness of the risks for food safety, and for this reason it manages these in an efficient manner so as to prevent any incidents throughout the process and with a view to introducing a safe product onto the market. The safety of the packaging of foodstuffs, for those operating in the sector, is today an indispensable requirement, and to be able to be certain of one’s own packaging, for a food company, is of fundamental importance.

FSSC 22000 certification puts the company on one of the highest steps in food safety management.
It is recognized worldwide, which means that the company produces products according to requirements and standards accepted by the entire agri-food market, allowing the customer to overcome the level differences that may exist between the various voluntary supply chain or market standards.
Having an FSSC 22000 certified company as a partner is a guarantee of safety and international recognition of the food safety of the packaging purchased.

Do you share these values too? Contact us, we shall be delighted to compare our requirements with your own needs!